imagine ur oc being a shitty suburban dad



the role he was born to play

refunds issued


if you have sent me money and have not received a refund, please tell me.

bye bye gaia thats the last youll get from me

time to ch-ch-ch-check me in doc cus the pills you gave me dont work

mercy me

Can i kiss... Your characters?

as long as u realise they’re all disease-carrying garbage scum

Can i kiss one of your drawings

u can kiss this one

What would people do if jacks nose died (he got plastic surgery) would they hold a funeral in its honor


the only difference in his interactions with people would be that theyd have to try harder to insult him

jacks nose is surprisingly integral to balancing out his face. without it, his features look even more horrifyingly tragic. if anything it becomes easier.

i got outta th hospital yesterday and now i cant remember how to draw any of my characters???

i would remind you that i am quitting all social media and basically all forms of social access: tumblr, skype, facebook, gaia.

you can contact me for business purposes through email


my art blog and deviantart will both remain active, but i would rather you not use it as a work around to contact me for personal reasons, sentimental good byes, etc.

i have no interest in explaining my reasons to you.

[4:44:12 PM] Groa Rehv: abyssal flame thief au

[4:44:25 PM] Groa Rehv: mel and jean constantly fighting over thieving territory

[4:44:38 PM] Groa Rehv: jean getting indignant if she steals more

[4:44:38 PM] bear doctor: mel trying to hock things to azad

[4:44:43 PM] bear doctor: azad underpricing her

hell yeah i’ll draw birthday are for myself. i SUPER DO NOT CARE

today on the 30th of march (australia time) i turn 23 years old. that’s 23 years i’ve managed to survive this miserable planet.

here’s to another one, hopefully more productive than my last.

〜( ̄△ ̄〜)

hey sly. what's wrong? you look hurt.

the flats i did, as we weren’t sure what sort of palette we wanted to go with. settled on the brunette with the red and black colour scheme, but i had fun with both. whew, the timber wolf was a lot of work but i really like how it turned out!

generalkirp gave me the go ahead to post these, his character

commission for generalkirp, who always gives me cool and interesting things to draw and is always patient with me. thanks buddy!

if hes okay with it, i’ll also upload the two flats i made of test palettes