Auctioning off these monster girls! ; u; Info on my DA here

auction ends Fri. Oct 3 midnight EST !

my friend cyn is auctioning her lovely monstergirls! apparently it’s my fault too, hehe! my personal favourite is the slimegirl who uses animals as a host body to get around. if i had the money… anyway, give them a look, the HB are only $15 each right now!!


i picked up a bunch of new followers at a really bad time so i figured this is as good a time as any to give a status update or whatever as to how im fucking up in my life.


the long of it:

  1. i have ongoing problems with my hand and wrist where there are days i have no grip strength and probably RSI in my wrist, which means i can’t hold a pen or stylus, and that problem has resurfaced recently
  2. may or may not have been exacerbated because i recently injured my hand fairly severely with a pair of scissors. it is painful for me to curl my hand, which makes holding a stylus quite difficult.
  3. its easier if i bandage my hand because it keeps my hand stiff and doesnt curl as much, but basically my hand shakes super bad and my grip is weak to non-existent.
  4. i recently noticed some problems with my pet guinea pig that are probably symptoms of either ear mites or an ear infection, BOTH OF WHICH ARE FATAL IF NOT TREATED. my vet does not work on weekends, so its unlikely that i will be able to get an appointment before next week to get him looked at properly.
  5. also vet appointments can rack up to like $300 esp with small animals which are difficult and i dont even know if my vet even sees guinea pigs, he specialises in cats tbh. so basically im just really really freaked out and upset and its been a huge emotional blow.
  6. i struggle with depression and basically now that i cant draw, which is my primary method of therapy and venting, the emotional stress of delaying a commission because of my hand injury, ongoing personal IRL issues, and the emotional blow of my guinea pig’s health problem, im basically stuck in a fairly bad depressive episode. im just not feeling great. i couldnt draw even if i was physically able to, tbh.

so sorry to the like, 10 or 15 new followers who inexplicably arrived over the past couple days, you picked a really terrible time to find my blog. you will not be seeing any new art on this blog for an indeterminate amount of time.

its had to draw with a bandaged hand

no kawaii bear this week

stay pure, haru (๑・ω-)~♥

(halfway thru drawin this, i cut my hand open with a pair of scissors, so the quality drop is palpable, but also i wont be uploading anything for a couple days because of that so laugh, let’s leave on a high note)

all the commissions i dun! thank u everyone for the support/kind words!! lots of cool characters i got to draw. 8)

i actually have ONE COMMISSION LEFT but i’ll plan to post that on it’s own for various reasons.

full view on deviantart

LAUGHS ALSO I WAS GONNA DO THAT OCTP CHALLENGE THING but after i drew “clothing swap” i realised i didnt actually… like… most of the prompts

so have ren and haru in each others terrible clothing





every time i go to check on them, rufus is just straight up sitting on weenie’s face.


kawaii bear


i guess you could say i was tryna make some… cold hard cash.

(i don’t know why my wallet was in the fridge, sometimes i do dumb shit i don’t remember doing for absolutely no reason)

really had to force myself to draw today. idk my hands wouldnt co-operate.

heres my problem child species of space monster, the hiver. despite having a really clear image of them in my head, i can never quite settle on a design for them on paper. ive tried to tackle them several times before, but never really was satisfied.

i know that their space suit/exoskeleton things have these big spiked wheels on their back, idk why, its just an image ive held really really clearly. i know they have helmets would look like an actual face, albeit of an extremely odd creature. replayed twiprin recently and got a little inspired by that. also always imagined them with these head tentacles that fan out when theyre angry, like a frill on a frill-necked lizard, to appear intimidating. but i could never get them to sit naturally. i was thinking maybe that had some sort of like, flowerbud skull that opens up.

well, we’ll see.


whaaaaat thanks everyone! i’ve reached my target goal to pull myself from the wreckage of my own making, and also will earn enough left over to take my mother out somewhere for her birthday, so i’m done! this old horse is going to pasture!!


laughs dont look at me