purse owner five protag more like

[opens locker] get the fuck in nerd

(i love him. i wanna give him a wedgie. i love him)

things i “worked on” instead of ruby

ratgirl and her minotaur bff friendship tips: wear each other’s tooth as an earring as proof of your friendship

this comic gained me 5 followers

"progress" is a weird looking word

is it even a real word

or is it a dream

AUs that time forgot: genderswap and high school au.

1. the return of karen and malone 2. mel is totally well-read and intelligent as a teenager, but acts like a punk ass piece of shit because she likes the negative attention. develops a huge crush kevin the hall monitor and pretends to turn over a new leaf but she’s still a misbehaving punk ass piece of shit when he’s not looking.

all you ever do is complain kevin like “child labour is illegal” and “don’t exploit demonically possessed children they are a tragedy”

everyone laugh at mel

mel’s coworkers, a very competent but as yet-unnamed woman who specialises in dealing with magic-users, and lukas, who literally and figuratively looks up to mel as another tiny cycloptic person who is also strong and cool. don’t worry lukas, you’re only 9, you’ll get taller!

[rings bell]

i’ve done collaborative work with my supercool friend megasonger (megasongart) twice previously, and they were both super great experiences, but i’ve never worked with him in a “professional” capacity until now.

a while ago a sketched out some comic pages that i was too lazy to ever finish, but recently commissioned an EXTREMELY TALENTED ARTIST (hint its stormy) to ink them. he also did ALL THE WORK, including colouring, on that absolutely gorgeous and powerful cover page!! can’t tear my eyes away, his work is so good!!! he turned my chicken scratch sketches into some truly gorgeous pages.

he really captured north’s weathered essence and south’s raggedy appearance. i’m really so stoked at his work, he’s an artist i admire greatly, especially his linework, and i’m so excited at having gotten him to work on Northwind Southwind.

winner winner chicken dinner

who wants to do an art trade/collab w me?

e: slow art trades i should add, im kind of art blocking rn + have another trade + another collab to finish


got this far only to realise i had no real plans wrt colouring or bging this piece of shit